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Africa's Top Ten Star Bed Experiences

Africa’s abundant wildlife and her natural beauty are something to behold anyway…but nothing is quite as thrilling or romantic as spending the night under a canopy of twinkling stars with just the vast African wilderness and the sounds of the bush at night (owls, bushbabies, nightjars and even the far-off roar of lions) for company. This is the ultimate safari experience – one where you can feel totally immersed in the magic and romance of Africa with a surprisingly luxurious amenities considering the remote location of your bed!  One of the perks of being an expert travel consultant is being sent to remote corners of this incredible continent to find the most extraordinary star beds and sleep-outs; here are our favourite top 10:

Tanzania's Serengeti Voted Best African Safari Park of 2018

An Introduction to Africa's Big Five Safari Animals

Three words you will undoubtedly come across when planning your safari adventure through Africa: The big five. Three words that belong to Africa as much as Kilimanjaro and big skies. But who or what are the big five?

The Reason Why Everyone Loves Chale Island

Chale Island, a magical fusion of nature and comfort with elegance and romance.

African Elephants vs Asian Elephants



Saving Africa’s Most Threatened Primate Group From Extinction

Red colobus monkeys (Piliocolobus spp.) are a group of leaf-eating monkeys unique to the forests of sub-Saharan Africa, ranging from Senegal on the Atlantic coast to the island of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean. Despite their broad range, red colobus monkeys have the regrettable distinction of being the most threatened group of primates in Africa. Experts are unclear about exactly how many species of red colobus there are, but we know there are at least 18 distinct forms, differing from one another in aspects of coat color and design, facial patterns, behavior, and vocalizations. Every form of red colobus monkey, unfortunately, is threatened with extinction.

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